GO2bank complaint: Took my money

Complaint from Erika gragg reported on 08 March 2024 about GO2bank

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My complaint:

I called in to the Go2Bank several days in a row and they said conversations are recorded so Im sure they can go back and listen to the calls and will see where I spoke to several agents and can see where i was told that that my cashapp from Teresa Zones was refunded and was pending totaling over 200 dollars and then all of a sudden I get a rude agent the next time i call and my funds arent posting on my account and i ask for his supervisor and all of a sudden from then on the agents I spoke with after him said they dont see any pending refunds or anything…I spoke to cashapp and all funds have been released and everything so no need to check with cashapp again …where is my money and I had an issue with green dot and go2bank back 10 years ago and they scammed me out of 650 bucks that i never got back as well…..so now im beginning to see a pattern and i want something done

Suggested solution:

give me my money back asap

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