Sunbeam Bread Complaint Sentiment: Negative

Our sentiment meter has identified a 500% increase in complaints about Sunbeam Bread over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This underscores potential challenges in customer experience. For informed decision-making, we strongly recommend reviewing the complaints before considering Sunbeam Bread's offerings.

Sentiment data last updated on December 4, 2023

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We have received 19 complaints about Sunbeam Bread over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


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Sunbeam Bread reviews: (75)

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Sorry bread

Complaint from Rod Garner on 30 November 2023 about Sunbeam Bread.

What has happened to Sunbeam sliced white bread in western Arkansas? Have bought only one good fresh loaf (dated 30 Nov 23) in the last 2 to 3 months - all the other loafs bought were not fresh and had... Read more

Comments: 0

What has happened

Complaint from Beach girl on 07 November 2023 about Sunbeam Bread.

I've always eaten subway bread but lately it's not good. What changed? It's not near as soft as it once was and doesn't taste as good. I love Subway but now I'm having to find a different brand. Read more

Comments: 0

King thin bread

Complaint from Very Unsatisfied customer on 03 September 2023 about Sunbeam Bread.

The bread is not soft any more! Bread has holes all in it it seems like the loafs are cooked too long. The crust appears to be burnt. I have used sunbeam all of my life but if it... Read more

Comments: 0

sun bean bread

Complaint from williamsjalen on 16 August 2023 about Sunbeam Bread.

my bread has black stuff in it and its making my lips puff up and turning my skin green. Read more

Comments: 0

Bread not soft

Complaint from Robster10 on 31 July 2023 about Sunbeam Bread.

I've been eating Sunbeam for 45 years and the last 3 months I've gotten their bread it's got big air pockets in it and already semi hard when I open the loaf! This bread used to be soft and fluffy... Read more

Comments: 0

Bad bread

Complaint from Jan west on 24 July 2023 about Sunbeam Bread.

Your bread use to be great and now it's awful. Please fix it. Read more

Comments: 0

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