Sunbeam Bread complaint: Whats changed??

Complaint from Rsm220 reported on 07 November 2020 about Sunbeam Bread

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My complaint:

Ive loved sunbeam bread for years , was ALWAYS soft , and melted in your mouth!!! Last couple months the quality of the bread has suffered greatly ,has the recipe changed???? Gotten to the point that i been bying meijer bread ocassionally !!!! The bread used to stay soft a week in my cupboard, lately the bread is already getting hard by 2nd day???? I used to take a sandwich to work everyday , but its just not the same if its not soft! Only good for toast or stuffing after 2nd day!! Seems to be alot more air pockets in it as well!!!

Suggested solution:

Make the bread the same way they did 3 months ago!!!!!

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David (@guest_2587)
3 years ago

Sunbeam changed it it’s course and tears trying to speed Mayo on it we changed to a different brand

Larry Webster
Larry Webster (@guest_4107)
2 years ago
Reply to  David

what did you change to. For a while Sara Lee white bread had the old Sunbeam texture but that has gotten coarse as well.

Bennie Brock
Bennie Brock (@guest_2625)
3 years ago

Bread has changed, it’s awful now. I loved it before.whats happened?

Phyllis (@guest_2670)
3 years ago

I agree. Bring back the Sunbeam we love!!!!

Peggy Cooprider
Peggy Cooprider (@guest_2731)
3 years ago

The bread gets stale fast and falls apart. Not good!

rick (@guest_2798)
2 years ago

Truly frustrating. For years, this was the only bread I bought, regardless the cost. It was one of the few food items to which I was brand loyal. If you got the right loaf that felt the way you liked, it stayed that way pretty much until it molded. I am pretty sure it even stayed soft for 3 weeks at times when I did not use as much due to Keto. Now it is garbage Loaves have gotten smaller (24 to 22 oz), Seems thinner Not as soft to begin with Regular Kroger price here has gone up from… Read more »

Alice COble
Alice COble (@guest_4136)
2 years ago
Reply to  rick

I agree with absolutely everything rick says. It’s just not good anymore and most definitely the 3.50 I have to pay at Kroger or Walmart

Ginger (@guest_3639)
2 years ago

Please go back to the original recipe of Sunbeam bread. It has a lot of holes, crust is tough and middle is spongy. So disappointed.

K.C. (@guest_3984)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ginger

I could not agree more with you word for word. It’s so thin I can see thru it and it tears just spreading mayo. Can hardly hold the sandwich. I’m done with sunbeam after decades of loyalty.

Teresa Hartley
Teresa Hartley (@guest_7813)
1 month ago
Reply to  Ginger

What happened to the Sunbeam bread

Sheila (@guest_3988)
2 years ago

I agree with all of you.
Where are the answers from Sunbeam?

Vernon Copeland
Vernon Copeland (@guest_4196)
2 years ago
Reply to  Sheila

I agree with everyone also, Sunbeam Bread is not the same anymore, they have definitely changed their recipe and quality control, every now and again I get a good loaf that is soft almost like the old Sunbeam bread use to be…please go back to the original recipe, it was always so buttery soft, it’s just not the same bread !!

Alice COble
Alice COble (@guest_4135)
2 years ago

I used to love Sunbeam bread but the last few loaves I’ve gotten have been worse than any store brand. It’s dry and is far from the taste I’ve always loved. I would so love to tell whoever makes it now that sadly, it just really sucks

Bill Hain
Bill Hain (@guest_4246)
2 years ago
Reply to  Alice COble

Any reply on site or just customer complaints. All of which I agree with. Something has changed and I’m going to as well

SCOTT from fla
SCOTT from fla (@guest_4265)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill Hain

The bread stinks now in Florida the bread has a overlt sweet tast and just is horrible….. Bring back the original or go out pf business im gone too. And ive eaten sunbeam for 40 years…………

Beth Partain
Beth Partain (@guest_4601)
2 years ago
Reply to  SCOTT from fla

I have always loved Sunbeam bread. That was before something changed and overnight it became something that I would no longer eat. Please change it back! Why would you even think of changing a perfect loaf of bread? You lost a lot of loyal customers.

Meigh (@guest_7833)
24 days ago
Reply to  Beth Partain

Cheaper ingredients mean more money on their pockets.
So sad.

Mary Rose Moran
Mary Rose Moran (@guest_4867)
2 years ago

Toasts up like a thin cracker- makes grilled cheese that is so thin in middle the size is reduced to 1/4 maybe…yet still same calories.
Bimbo you are not kidding anyone with this reduced ingredient bread!!!!

Lisa (@guest_5036)
1 year ago

I have always enjoyed Sunbeam Bread. The only bread my mom ever bought. Even when on a tight budget with 5 kids. Always fresh,, soft and delicious! Now it just taste terrible and it has a bad smell. I don’t like the new bag it is packaged in. I don’t like that you stopped making the smaller loaves. I am 57 now, mom is gone and so is Sunbeam bread.

Ruby Garrett
Ruby Garrett (@guest_5850)
1 year ago

Change back to the original bread, which I have bought for many years, or I will have to buy a different bread! This bread comes out like 2 or 3 days old!!

Ethel Auten
Ethel Auten (@guest_6359)
1 year ago

Slices are smaller, thinner, and I won’t continue to buy it. Time for me to find a different bread.

Teresa J Worthington
Teresa J Worthington (@guest_6407)
1 year ago

I agree about sunbeam bread, it isn’t the same. The texture is weird and not at all soft. It used to stick to the roof of your mouth because of the softness. I still haven’t found a bread that is soft anymore. What did they do to it?

Terry Griswold
Terry Griswold (@guest_6596)
11 months ago

Just made a banana sandwich and fed to the dog—bread bought yesterday never opened—sunbeam and wonder as well has gone to crap—will be trying other brands from now on!

Frances Shelton
Frances Shelton(@frances-shelton)
10 months ago

I have used Sunbeam Bread forever but the last few loaves I got looked burnt a lot of holes and tastes stale. I changed brands this time and it is store brand bread, and it tastes better than the Sunbeam now. Been a loyal customer for years sorry I had to change.

Rick (@guest_6684)
10 months ago

Why would you ruin a good thing? The bread is now course, gets hard very quickly. Go back to the way you baked the BREAD Before or loose a long time customer! Dont be so greedy over cutting back your receip to make more money!

Dana (@guest_6832)
8 months ago

The loaf I got had a large hole in the corner all the way down the loaf .. that does not work well with mayo yall need to tighten up and from the comments im seeing your losing your long time customer base

Tc 35466
Tc 35466 (@guest_6899)
8 months ago
Reply to  Dana

The bread is bad,what did they do with the taste and texture it is just disgusting.
Bring back the old bread we love!!!

Darlene (@guest_6942)
7 months ago

I agree! It is not the same soft texture it has always been. Something has definitely changed and not for the better. Bought two loaves from two different stores two weeks apart and they were the same. The texture is not smooth and soft. There are almost holes in it! Very disappointed.

Mary (@guest_6985)
7 months ago

I noticed its much more dense and yellow! Not as soft as it use to be even on day one, ugh!

Brenda Prevatte
Brenda Prevatte (@guest_7115)
6 months ago

I agree it is not sunbeam bread that I love. They are leaving out something in the recipe.

DAB (@guest_7698)
2 months ago

I could not agree more. Sunbeam was owned by Smith’s Bakery where I am from. The bakery was torn down and I know my old trusted Lil Miss Sunbeam Bread will never be the same again. It used to proudly display “Batter Whipped” with the tagline, no holes freshness. It was true. Today, December 2023, it is full of holes, the texture of off putting, the crust sheds, while the taste is not good at all. It isn’t even good toasted. I hate everything about it. I am purchasing Bunny Bread, now. It is close to what Sunbeam was. Even… Read more »

Wayne Reese
Wayne Reese (@guest_7747)
2 months ago

The bread is not the same, it has a course texture and it has a smell, seems to old when you buy it and the taste is not the same as the other bread. Sunbeam used to be soft and fluffy, if not changed I will change brands.