Kelloggs complaint: Zesta Crackers

Complaint from Mochapuppy reported on 20 September 2023 about Kelloggs

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My complaint:

What has happened to our favorite saltine cracker? The only kind we have bought for over 40 years! Always fresh tasty you could depend on that! Never a complaint until recently. How does a company change its recipe and ruin something that was so good?? I would guess it has something to do with profits?? The crackers are now very thin and tasteless. Oh and the outside box is the same but the cracker packs inside have shrunk. Who is responsible for this disaster? Did you think your loyal customers would not notice? I hope you listen to the complaints and reconsider bringing back your original recipe. Thank you for listening!

Suggested solution:

Bring back the original recipe for Zesta crackers!

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David E Waggoner
David E Waggoner (@guest_7543)
6 months ago

Who in the h ll changed the best crackers in the world ? I have been eating zest’s crackers my whole life. I’m 62 and I sure disappointed in my favorite crackers. Who ever changed the recipe needs to be fired. Y’all must feel like the new coke guy that had that bright idea. I am buying great value brand until y’all straighten this out it seems to be the same product your putting in zesta boxes now. Please get your s it together and get the best cracker back on the market. Their is no excuse for this. Signed… Read more »

Tim Edwards
Tim Edwards (@guest_7913)
1 month ago

I also have a complaint about Zesta crackers! As well as the ‘shrinkage’ of the product inside the box, and the price (that has almost doubled in recent years), the QUALITY of the crackers has went to hell! As some other person mentioned here, Zesta has had the absolute best flaky/crispy crackers for at least 50 years, and I bought a box and it was so hard I couldn’t eat them! Went and got ANOTHER box, and they were even worse! IMHO, the changing from the original recipe to using GMO products recently (such as soybeans and soy oil) has… Read more »