Most Common Pancake Parlour Complaints and Tips

While Pancake Parlour offers a variety of delicious dishes, complaint data from our community has flagged several recurring issues with their takeaway food orders. Common complaints include orders arriving late, food not being properly packaged leading to spillage, and items being missing or incorrect. Customers also report issues with the temperature of the food upon arrival, often mentioning it arrives cold or lukewarm.

To avoid these issues, we strongly advise customers to double-check their orders at the time of pickup or delivery. If ordering delivery, ensure you track the order closely and communicate any issues promptly with customer service. Providing detailed instructions on how you want your order packaged might also help prevent spillage and maintain food quality.

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Our sentiment meter has detected that Pancake Parlour complaints over the past 28 days have remained within our normal fluctuation range, showing a change of 0%. While some customers might experience challenges with Pancake Parlour, the steady level of complaints indicates that there hasn’t been a surge in widespread issues recently.

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How to contact the customer service of Pancake Parlour?

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You can contact the customer service of Pancake Parlour by calling +61398486836. If you want to reach out to Pancake Parlour through their own website, you can use their contact form.

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Worst take away food order yet

Complaint from Kramzil on 07 November 2023 about Pancake Parlour.

I placed an order tonight for pick up and I have to say, I have had many meals eat in and take away from the same restaurant and this one was not up to scratch. Firstly I ordered chicken strips and... Read more

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