KFC Complaint Sentiment: Positive

While some customers may still be encountering a bad experience, our sentiment meter has detected a -33% decline in complaints about KFC over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This indicates an uptick in customer satisfaction, and signals a positive shift in customer feedback.

Sentiment data last updated on December 4, 2023

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We have received 50 complaints about KFC over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


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Rude Manager

Complaint from Ticket number 4591 on 22 November 2023 about KFC.

Manager was so rude I stood in lobby 7 minutes while he was in back on his phone before taking my order. I saw original was ready but I wanted Crispy he said it would be 15 minutes before its... Read more

Comments: 0

Food was old and nasty

Complaint from Brandypeters1 on 19 November 2023 about KFC.

I received my order everything was cold like it was sitting all day I called talked to night manager he told me he would put my name in to replace it then when I went to get it the day... Read more

Comments: 0

Regarding P.F

Complaint from Devendra Sahu on 12 November 2023 about KFC.

I was doing part time job in KFC, so suddenly I was informed that my P.f will be going to deduct without informing me all the process was done and I had left kfc on 29th sept. Still in my... Read more

Comments: 0

8 Piece Chicken Refried Greasey Dark

Complaint from Linmardunc on 28 October 2023 about KFC.

Thursday, October 26th, I purchased an 8 piece meal at 4:13 pm and i went to serve the meal the chicken was salty, greasey and looked like day old chicken refried in dark oil. I called and Noone answered... Read more

Comments: 0

Bad chicken and customer service

Complaint from Rabbi Samuel Hurt on 17 October 2023 about KFC.

I ordered a 12 piece crispy and original meal. You couldn't tell which was which. The chicken was dark burnt and hard. Pieces were flat, as if something heavy weight them down.A person came to the front his clothes were... Read more

Comments: 0

Wrongful termination

Complaint from MaryJane abeyta on 14 October 2023 about KFC.

Was falsely accused of stealing a meal I paid for. Then when I asked to reduce my hours the manager retaliated against me and didn’t put me on the schedule at all. Read more

Comments: 0

Had my kids in tears I ask no spicy

Complaint from Mase on 03 October 2023 about KFC.

J ask not to do spicy for me or family got home my kids I. Tears meand my girlfriend I call the m no answer tp the store i called customer service... Read more

Comments: 0

Missing pieces of chicken

Complaint from Prisyfab on 01 October 2023 about KFC.

I recently purchased a party 15 from kfc and received only 12 pieces of chicken. This is not the first time, it happened before on May 31st of this month. I tried reaching out to KFC Jamaica via instagram and... Read more

Comments: 0

Missing item in order

Complaint from Caceres on 19 September 2023 about KFC.

Hi I order a pick up order. I went to pick it up and someone else got my order. They made me a new order and were missing one fries. I order 2 and only got one, too far to... Read more

Comments: 0

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