KFC complaint: Incomplete order

Complaint from Sfmessina reported on 05 March 2024 about KFC

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My complaint:

I placed an eight piece original family meal to find my order was incomplete when I got home. I ordered an eight piece original all white should’ve been four breast and four wings. I ordered two large mashed potatoes and two large macaroni and cheese two large gravy. I was charged $53.70, the gravy was missing and the chicken wings were missing I received a large coleslaw that I did not order..
The store only had two employees working. I don’t understand why any restaurant with the magnitude of business that KFC does with only staff the store with a total of two employees., I don’t hold the staff members totally responsible for the mess of my order since there was only two of them however, I paid for the food and I want it or I want a refund

Suggested solution:

They should replace the complete order since they messed my family meal up. We did not have enough chicken for everyone and who eat mashed potatoes without gravy I mean come on seriously this isn’t nuclear science.
I want a refund of my $53.70 the week prior to this we ordered the same meal and ended up with all dark meat and the chicken was burnt. They made that right

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