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Sentiment data last updated on December 3, 2023

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We have received 28 complaints about Sonic Drive-in over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


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Sonic Drive-in reviews: (37)

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Burned bun

Complaint from Monroeville sonic sucks on 29 November 2023 about Sonic Drive-in.

Burned bottom bun. Too burned as well just not as bad. Read more

Comments: 0

Technical Issue

Complaint from on 20 November 2023 about Sonic Drive-in.

At the same location, on 2 separate occasions, and using 2 different accounts, after the orders were delivered, the orders / receipts remained frozen in the Sonic mobile app making Sonic mobile app totally unusable for future orders. This... Read more

Comments: 0

Didn’t get our order

Complaint from Bknepper on 07 November 2023 about Sonic Drive-in.

We ordered food about 2 hours from now on door dash, our dasher has never received our food. We spent over 48$ on our meal. As well no one is answering the phone, other thing the order has never Left... Read more

Comments: 0

Very rude service

Complaint from Ladey on 05 November 2023 about Sonic Drive-in.

The woman who was working the drive through was snapping at us then accused us of cussing at her an tells us that we are f rude an to not cus at her when she was the one being rude... Read more

Comments: 0

2 $10 Sonic Gift Cards denied at Sonic drive thru

Complaint from Nodrammatomorra on 25 October 2023 about Sonic Drive-in.

After calling to verify the validity of 2 gift cards as having $10 on each card totally $20 I took a friend for lunch and ordered 2 single burger combos that came to just under $21. After handing the cards... Read more

Comments: 0

No drink carriers for Customers

Complaint from akenaten42 on 15 October 2023 about Sonic Drive-in.

I went to get drinks for a large group of kids and after having ordered 7 drinks I was told that I could only have a two drink drink carrier per orders of the owner who monitors via camera. I... Read more

Comments: 0

Bad Service

Complaint from Jay @71 on 14 October 2023 about Sonic Drive-in.

I ordered on line, 2 medium Cherry limeade, 1 cheese burger cut ketchup and add mustard. I ordered another cheeseburger and added bacon, jalapeño, mustard, and to cut the pickles and ketchup. I received the 2 cherry limeade, the cheeseburger... Read more

Comments: 0

Bad food

Complaint from Kayla l on 07 October 2023 about Sonic Drive-in.

Order a footling hotdog bread had something black on it possible mold Read more

Comments: 0

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