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Stolen money

Complaint from Nasty on 29 June 2021 about

New customer to Signed up received the visa and used the app daily to check earnings and bought crypto a couple times from them. 2 weeks later received an email saying account is terminated and they closed my account... Read more

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Money lost

Complaint from Ajmali on 20 June 2021 about

I deposit money to my fia wallet and money is lost and i emailed them and they ask for my bank statement after ao many emails and once i send them that they asking for Ca. Reference number even i... Read more

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Hackedphished account

Complaint from Jennifer Miller on 14 May 2021 about

My account was hacked or phished. I had made only 3 purchases since I opened my account in February 2021. Whomever got into my account took my 3 purchases and transferred them into other things, bought gift cards and sent... Read more

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Error of Omission

Complaint from Civan on 10 May 2021 about

In November I bought DIA to be eligible for the airdrop. Afterwards they ( denied participating. Though I have proof from the CEO of DIA. In a personal message Michael Weber (DIA) admitted that they ( willingly and knowingly didn't transfer... Read more

Comments: 0

Did not get crypto I purchased

Complaint from Tli1959 on 09 May 2021 about

I bought ltc in app got timed out message. Did not get ation email and crypto not in wallet but my bank card was debited so now out of money. Later I tried another purchase same thing timed out message... Read more

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Where is my money

Complaint from JayneW1 on 20 April 2021 about

I transferred £250 last Wednesday 14042021 to account as per their email to me and it still has not appeared in my fiat wallet on their app. I have chased and chased but just keep getting stupid responses... Read more

Comments: 0

Cannot Withdraw Funds

Complaint from Max Ostermyer on 17 April 2021 about

I cashed out 15000 units of DogeCoin early Friday morning and two days later still cannot withdraw my funds. Is this even legal? Read more

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