Complaint: I can’t withdraw

on 03 December 2021 about in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I was able to buy crypto with my debit card (linked to People’s bank) and I could send and receive money to my bank. I applied for crypto.Com
Visa debit card and staked $400 of CRO coin which I can unstake in 6 months.

All of a sudden they blocked some features and I can’t send money or receive money via wire transfer to my bank and the fiat wallet is also blocked. Support told me that it is due to a “business decision by their relevant team” that reviewed my account and can’t give many more info.

How can I withdraw money if I sell the crypto I purchase in their platform? They say I can transfer the crypto to another platform wallet (probably there is a fee). Or another option I guess is to sel the crypto and move the usd for that sale to top up my visa debit card and then withdraw the money via atm?

It’s really strange what they did. It’s like you buy a car and when you go pick it up the wheels are missing. And they say: sorry it was a business decision by our relevant team. Absurd!

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Suggested solution:

They should allow me to send and receive money to my bank and allow me to buy crypto with my debit card (linked to People’s bank).

I can’t withdraw
I can’t withdraw
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