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Viagogo complaints:

Fraudulent tickets sell

Complaint from on 12 September 2022 about Viagogo in category Entertainment Company

I've purchased tickets for an event trough viagogo website (totally my bad), I've been ripped with the price and I haven't received the tickets. I've been lied to, while talking to customer service representative many times, with empty promises for... Read more

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Coldplay Tickets

Complaint from on 25 August 2022 about Viagogo in category Entertainment Company

We have waited for hours in order to be able to buy tickets to Coldplay but the queue was so long and when our turn finally came, most of the categories were already sold out. We can now find a... Read more

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Naive customer

Complaint from on 10 August 2022 about Viagogo in category Entertainment Company

Tickets became available for sale to the Vika And Linda Bull concert held at the Palais in St Kilda. I clicked on to the Facebook post and had no idea I was purchasing someone else’s tickets. The site looked very... Read more

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