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eBay complaints:

Frozen gift cards

Complaint from on 30 September 2022 about eBay in category Retail Company

I bought $800 of gift cards supposedly to get discount on ATT. Gave scammers the codes before my daughter told me it was a scam. Immediately called eBay to freeze cards. Scammers were able to get $190 before eBay could... Read more

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Unfair pratices against buyers

Complaint from on 15 September 2022 about eBay in category Retail Company

Lately, eBay allows all sellers from foreign countries using fake addresses here in the USA. You have to wait close to two months to get a refund, as a lot of items sold never make it here to the USA.... Read more

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Old product and empty small bottle

Complaint from on 08 August 2022 about eBay in category Retail Company

I ordered Sirocco gift set from Adele Rodriguez. It Didn't smell like sirocco so I called Lucien Lelong they quit manufacturing it in 1985. I sent everything back to her just like i was told. She said I emptied... Read more

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Seller: walus-ubtguyyh

Complaint from on 05 August 2022 about eBay in category Retail Company

Seller misrepresented an automobile programmer or tuner as having two more 'unlocks' left in it. The programmer locks to a vehicle when the automobile computer tune is installed, and unlocks from a vehicle when the computer tune is returned to... Read more

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No Refund for Non-Delivery

Complaint from on 16 July 2022 about eBay in category Retail Company

Seller shipped to wrong address but tracking still showed delivery to me. Ebay refused to even compare the delivery address with mine to see I never received it. Seller basically shipped to himself, so tracking shows delivered -... Read more

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