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Complaints timeline

double fares

Complaint from on 31 May 2020 about Uber in category Public Transport

The last weeks Uber shows in advance the estimated price and after the trip is done, the fare is a lot higher. The excuse is always that there is high demand and the use the term Uber surge or... Read more

Uber driver robbed me

Complaint from on 10 January 2020 about Uber in category Public Transport

Uber driver showed up at agreed time to begin one way trip from Dallas Tx to Lubbock tx seemed alright we loaded all my power and hand tools and personal belongings I am a home remodeled by trade after loading... Read more

Abuse of driver

Complaint from on 18 November 2019 about Uber in category Public Transport

I drive for uber, I have sent many messages and call their terrible support for at least 32 times regarding this issue, Uber resently adjusted 4 trips without Consulting with me first, the trips were legitimate I use my car,... Read more


Complaint from on 31 October 2019 about Uber in category Public Transport

I am a Uber driver. Two weeks ago my Uber account was been hacked the amount of $1500. Uber send me an email that my money has been transferred to a different account to a different country called Peru,Lima. They... Read more