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Complaints overview

Uber Auto driver

Complaint from on 04 May 2022 about Uber in category Public Transport

i would like to complain against your driver of your company .Yesterday evening at 8.15 pm i was trying to book uber auto after so many attempts i find a driver but that after some time he cancelled the... Read more

Cancellation fee

Complaint from on 30 April 2022 about Uber in category Public Transport

I am a regular Uber user in Jacksonville, NC. I take Uber to and from my work at Taco Bell on Gumbranch Rd often. Today I (for the first time ever) messaged the driver to cancel as I had another... Read more

Canceled ride

Complaint from on 25 April 2022 about Uber in category Public Transport

I scheduled a ride from my house to the airport 2 weeks in advance. A couple minutes AFTER they were supposed to arrive, Uber canceled my ride permanently. It was a Sunday morning and the 15 cab companies I called... Read more

Excessive Fare

Complaint from on 12 April 2022 about Uber in category Public Transport

Used Uber many times to travel from to home and Perth International Airport. Average fare $72 - $80 AUD. April 8th, 2022 returned to Perth on an international flight and ordered UBER Taxi as usual. UBER claimed there were limited... Read more