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How to file an Uber complaint?

Whatever your complaint about Uber is, follow the next three steps in order to have the best chance of resolving your complaint.

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Statistics of Uber in the category Public Transport

20 total complaints
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Complaints timeline

Criminal act

Complaint from on 03 February 2021 about Uber in category Public Transport

October 2019. Uber takes us to the train station bound for Paris. He failed to reach our destination due to heavy traffic and lack of knowledge. We walked 2 km, but made it to the station in time. A few hours later somebody broke... Read more

Cleaning Fee Issued

Complaint from on 02 November 2020 about Uber in category Public Transport

Hi there, on Thursday 29th October 2020, a group of us took and Uber home. Unfortunately there was an unavoidable incident where damage was caused to the exterior of the vehicle which would need to be cleaned. However, this would... Read more


Complaint from on 04 October 2020 about Uber in category Public Transport

I am Uber Driver I can only afford 7 day insurance Uber take 4 days to review an insurance document I have even tried submitting in advance but they are useless and take even longer. I would like uber to pay for my... Read more

Well overcharged!

Complaint from on 03 September 2020 about Uber in category Public Transport

I got picked up from Weston Southampton taking me to west end Southampton and my taxi was £28 .. which was so so expensive... should of cost around £15 ... and the thing was it was the first time... Read more