Uber complaint: Discrepancy in Delivery Fee Payment

Complaint from Omolaraeni reported on 18 January 2024 about Uber

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My complaint:

I would like to bring to your attention an issue involving one of your dispatch riders.

Despite being paid a delivery fee of 48, he falsely claimed the fee was 100 when delivering to the recipient. Even after the recipient ed the actual payment amount, he denied receiving the proof of payment.

Regrettably, he managed to collect an additional 48 from the recipient on top of the original payment made to his account. This incident occurred yesterday and is a serious concern.

I kindly request your investigation into this matter and urge to return the 48 he cunningly obtained from the recipient. Such actions tarnish the reputation of your service, and swift resolution is necessary to maintain trust with your customers.

Suggested solution:

Paying back the additional 48 the rider cunningly collected

Discrepancy in Delivery Fee Payment
Discrepancy in Delivery Fee Payment
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