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95 total complaints
2.1 /10
25 votes

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Complaint from on 16 July 2021 about InTown Suites in category Hotels / Motels

The manager Anthony Hines was basically teaming up with co workers and others to gang stalk me. Chuck was included he is the maintenance man he tried sexually assault me. Then Anthony Hines came up with some new rules to... Read more

Rude and unfair

Complaint from on 11 July 2021 about InTown Suites in category Hotels / Motels

They didn't want to fix nothing AC been broke since I've been there lights was not fixed or anything else they're half fix people was invading my privacy staff was to my room been broken into several times stolen wallet... Read more


Complaint from on 05 July 2021 about InTown Suites in category Hotels / Motels

At the Intown Suites located on 8207 E. Adamo Lane, Tampa, Florida I stayed in room 106. I was there between 622 to 629. The carpet in my room was absolutely disgusting. There were all sorts of... Read more