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Silly manager

Complaint from on 05 February 2019 about Lidl in category Supermarkets

I am a type 1 diabetic and I don’t feel hypos coming on and I went into a store and started to eat a cake to get my blood sugar up rapidly but the manager and the aerial manager standing... Read more

Ryanair rooms

Complaint from on 05 February 2019 about RyanAir in category Airlines

We booked flights to London this weekend, FR 296 and FR 1082 and on the website, Ryanair purposes an Hotel The Grapevine Hotel in London, well graduated and low priced. The thing is that this hotel is just horrible! I made... Read more

Tracking number is fake

Complaint from on 05 February 2019 about in category Fashion

Hello. I ordered a hoodie from hatvat and paid for it. After that I got a tracking number but when I gave the number in, the system said that there is no such tracking number. And they do not reply... Read more


Complaint from on 03 February 2019 about Applebee’s in category Restaurants

Some kind of tablet on table, after ordering took a look at it. Played a stupid tricks game. Bill included 1.99$ fee for Presto Game. Waitress started it was clear and I agreed. Then saw on top corner in small... Read more