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Complaint from Stephanie G reported on 07 February 2024 about Vinted

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My complaint:

On December 5th, after 400 positive reviews I opened the app to discover my account had been blocked for apparently selling used cosmetics. None of these were used and I tried to explain several times to no avail. I discovered you cannot take any items of a product outside of its box. Fine, now I understand the policies and terms and conditions. Now all read and understood but I kept getting messages that items were being deleted, despite being photographed boxed only.
I received a message to say my account would be suspended for 2 weeks.
In a total panic with Christmas approaching I looked up creating a new account. I DID NOT complete this account, no phone number was added nor was any account information such as sort code and account details for payment.
To be clear, I did not complete setting up a secondary account as I was unsure and decided to wait two weeks for the ban to be lifted. I also did not realise creating an additional account would result in a permanent ban. Who reads all terms and conditions? I have been selling successfully on eBay since 2006 and never been banned or received a message saying my items were used if you photographed the item next to the box to show as many images as possible.
I preferred Vinted as the listing process is far simpler and you don’t pay the fees associated with eBay.

I then receive a notification from Vinted saying I would now be permanently banned as I set up a new account which violates legal terms and conditions.
I completely understand that but I had abandoned the creation of this secondary account. It was not completed and I asked Vinted to delete this secondary account as I could not now I’ve been banned. When banned you can do absolutely nothing. You have such limited visibility that you can only message buyers but cannot view orders nor can you see the status of orders already in the system.
Despite all attempts to reach out to Vinted support I have had robotic replies which say that their decision will not be altered as I created a second account which violates their policies. Nobody was interested in helping me which is why I am reaching out to you to help me as I would very much appreciate my ban to be lifted as I did not complete the secondary account set up.
All help was disabled on the app and I cannot find a website, it just sends you back to the app.
The level of customer support is abysmal, all robotic messages and when a persons name was attached these messages were very cold and uncaring, just stating policies without thought that a real person is on the end of these messages who is trying to sell buy legitimate, new and unused items which customers were leaving fantastic reviews for!

Suggested solution:

Lift the ban it is ridiculous to be permanently banned when the secondary account set up was not completed. An email advising the policies about a secondary account would have sufficed and a warning not to complete the set up of this account

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