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Walmart is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States. It is not surprising that mistakes are also made at Walmart. Did you buy a product well over the expiration date? Or have you been treated shamefully in a store? Report your Walmart complaint and hopefully Walmart will come up with a solution.

How to file a Walmart complaint?

Whatever your complaint about Walmart is, follow the next three steps in order to have the best chance of resolving your complaint.

1. Write your complaint and don't forget to mention your desired solution.
2. File your complaint online on our website to make sure it will get some attention.
3. Report your complaint directly to Walmart and mention that you posted your complaint on

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Air mattress

Complaint from on 02 September 2019 about Walmart in category Retail Company, Supermarkets

Bought air mattress from walmart brand name Ozark Trail. It starts to deflate by itself as soon as you are done pumping the air in. It deflate in middle of the night while you are sleeping on it. I spent... Read more