Walmart complaint: Abusive and unprofessional conduct by customer service manager

Complaint from reported on 26 October 2023 about Walmart

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My complaint:

On October 16, I attempted to purchase 2 pendant lights from The first order was made through Pay Pal. About an hour after placing the order, I was notified by Walmart that the Order was cancelled. I then attempted to purchase the items using my bank issued visa card. That order 20000113-37502418 was also cancelled. I attempted a third time only for it to be subsequently cancelled by Walmart. After the third attempt, I called customer service and told them about the problem. I was told to wait until the next day and place the order again. I questioned whether the price would be same and was assured that it would be. The next day when I placed the order, the price was substantially different from the price given the day before. The total price for the pendants on October 16, 2023 was $813.59. On October 17, the total price for the pendants was $943.63. I called customer service to grievance the change in price. The young man who I spoke to in customer service was extremely courteous and professional but said due to the price differential I would need to speak to customer service supervisor. I was connected to Cheryl who proceeded to be argumentative belligerent and outright hostile. She talked on top me and essentially accused me of lying. When I asked to speak to her manager she terminated the call. Never have I experienced such rude and abusive behavior. It was way beyond the pale and conduct such as this has no place in the marketplace. It truly has impacted my future use of
I request that the matter be investigated and that appropriate remediation and disciplinary action be taken so that such conduct is never repeated again.

Irene Jones

Suggested solution:

price adjustment and training for the customer service manager

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