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Ryanair is from orgin an Irish low-cost airline headquartered in Swords, Dublin and Ireland. Ryanair not only provides you best prices on cheap flights but also bring you the lowest price car hire and hotel bookings. As with any airline, something can go wrong at Ryanair. Was your flight cancelled without notice? Did you receive bad customer service? Was the rented car not ready when you had just landed? Whatever your complaint is, report your complaint at so that Ryanair can respond to your complaint and possibly offer a solution!

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Refused boarding

Complaint from on 19 August 2019 about RyanAir in category Airlines

It was our first flight with Ryan air, we were not at all informed about charges if you don't Print out the boarding passes, so we got to the airport and were told the extra fees for the boarding passes.... Read more

Check in trick

Complaint from on 13 August 2019 about RyanAir in category Airlines

I have bought 3 tickets (3 adults and 2 children) in advance from Marrakech to Porto and nothing was informed about the charge of fees if I didn't do the check in online (it was my first flight with Ryanair),... Read more

Transport of cello

Complaint from on 21 July 2019 about RyanAir in category Airlines

Dear representative of Ryanair, I had a hard time booking, and Paying, for a seat for a cello. When my daughter finally came to the airport in Milano, the service staff at the în checking missed to see on thecticjey... Read more

€220 checkin fees

Complaint from on 21 June 2019 about RyanAir in category Airlines

Booked a flight with Ryanair via edream, for 04.06.2019, from Karlsruhe Baden Baden to London Stansted. Online checkin process for my oldest son (12years) was unsuccessful. Kept getting a message that online checkin for adults was from 16years old. However,... Read more

Involuntary denied boarding by Ryanair

Complaint from on 20 June 2019 about RyanAir in category Airlines

Dear team, We were involuntary denied boarding by Ryanair. In accordance with their NOTICE IN THE EVENT OF DENIED BOARDING they promise compensations (ticket cost, meals, hotel, re-routing, other expenses that they cannot cover) but we didn't even receive a refund... Read more

Delayed in queue

Complaint from on 20 June 2019 about RyanAir in category Airlines

On Sunday, June 9, we were going to fly from Milan to Sofia by Rynair. They asked for an extra 50 euro because we didn't check in online. then we said let's pay ok but the payment point was too... Read more

Забавен полет

Complaint from on 11 May 2019 about RyanAir in category Airlines

Здравейте,бих искала да се оплача от вашата компания за забавен полет от почти три часа,знам че винт не е тяхна а на Френските авио линий но можехте да ми пуснете имейл или на телефона да ме уведомите но никой не... Read more