RyanAir complaint: Comprimised connection because of Ryanair set up a trap for customers

on 24 May 2023 about RyanAir in category Airlines

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My complaint:

My original flight ( Edinburgh to Brussels) booked in a bundle for a trip to Iasi has been cancelled. Ryanair send me an email with a substitute flight, only one option. As there was no other option, I have accepted it. The original company GOTOGATE has emailed me saying that the purposed flight is sacrificing my connection. I went online to see what can I do to fix that and I have seen that Ryanair has another flight that would not sacrifice my connection.

I called Ryanair asking to change it for the flight that doesn’t sacrifice my connection to which I’ve been told I need to pay £60 per person ( on the phone) to make that change and the difference in prices will not be refunded, stating that this is the Ryanair policy and she ( Claudia) cant do anything about it. Claudia recognised that this is a trap created by Ryanair: Me- So this is a trap from Ryanair to get money out of me; Claudia- unfortunately this is the companies policy.

Now, people, what would you do? If Ryanair gives you only one option to swap the flight that has been canceled by them, withholding the other option just to compromise with your connection so that you are forced to pay for a flight change to keep your other flight. Just a quick maths for you. the initial flight ( that has been canceled by Ryanair was ~£45 pp, the new flight ( that doesn’t compromise my connection) id £19 , Claudia told me I will not be refunded the price difference, furthermore I would have to pay £45 pp change fee. As a total for 2 travellers I loose ~£130 to have a flight that doesn’t compromise with the connection.

Why I think Ryanair is massively wrong in this situation and trapping costumers into taking money is because Ryanair should of taken in consideration costumers orders and provide both or as many choice as available. I was offered only one option, when there was 2 flight option. And that was done intentionally by Ryanair as even their own team agrees (Claudia). Ryanair has been problematic with customers since the start of the pandemic, I do not understand why are you are still in operation if you cant provide at least adequate service!!!!?????!!!!

I dont know if Ryanair will take this matter seriously , proving their customer focused value, or will ignore it hiding behind our policy

Suggested solution:

My concern would be solved if they change the flight from the one I\'ve been forced to choose to the one that doesn\'t sacrifices my connection, I if they don\'t want to refund the price difference, fine, but don\'t ask me to pay a change fee when you didn\'t give me the all the options in the first place!

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