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NordVPN complaints:

Dedicated VPN connectivity issues

Complaint from on 13 September 2022 about NordVPN in category Mobile App

It’s been a few months since I started using a dedicated IP address provided by the NordVPN company. At the beginning, let’s say the first month, everything was working very well and smooth. I did not have any issues at... Read more

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Harassment via emails. Elder abuse.

Complaint from on 23 July 2022 about NordVPN in category Mobile App

About two years ago I signed up with Nord VPN on a special trial basis. After three months of trying to get the Nord VPN to work and trying to seek support from its support team I decided to disable... Read more

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Useless Support - STAY AWAY!!!

Complaint from on 12 April 2022 about NordVPN in category Mobile App

I have a 5 year subscription! I can't sign in t o NordVPN for at least a couple of months... I have contacted their support team numerus times but to no avail. They are unresponsive and I suspect they don't even understand... Read more

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Total Lack Of Suppor To a complaint

Complaint from on 28 February 2022 about NordVPN in category Mobile App

I have been having ongoing discussions regarding their service. When they reply, it is blatantly obvious that they have not read all the correspondence on my ticket. Because they keep offering the same solution that I have already tried.I raised... Read more

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Complaint from on 02 November 2021 about NordVPN in category Mobile App

I renewed for $42.on Oct 29 because I was notified one-year sybscription was ending. I hot confused and started a plan for $11a month, but used a different email address. Their Customer Service is deplorable. No human-to-human contact iver the... Read more

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Billing Scam

Complaint from on 25 August 2021 about NordVPN in category Mobile App

i have a 3 year subscription that does not expire until 72022, but since the beginning of 82021, i have been getting errors connecting to nordvpn service. it was saying that i need to re-subscribe. the first time i contacted... Read more

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