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funds stolen

Complaint from on 01 December 2021 about MetaMask in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

thief 0xc59ef8f055180afb0b1e120286a53682b291cd19 stole $2200 US dollars(18.114828884496151 AVAX) from 0xA39CF26Cd456C2B1bB9feE3c84E51AD26b6C1821on 11.29.2021 from my metamask account while being staked in wonderland.time. withdrew time then traderjoe exchange then in their personal account. all documented Tnx hash 0x28643f138d1bb8b02f78b12f8ef217267fc23e858f0c242d07190966b18f8ac4 Block 7604054. Read more