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Complaints timeline

Good food products

Complaint from on 18 June 2019 about Tesco in category Supermarkets

I am very disappointed with the pack of 4 chicken veg pies, in your GOOD FOOD range of products. The is: apart from the inferior pastry, there was virtually very little filling, I think you could count the... Read more

Eastman' Pkt ham

Complaint from on 11 June 2019 about Tesco in category Supermarkets

This is the second time I have bought the Above wafer thin honey roast ham, and both times have found it absolutely tasteless. The first time I thought it was a one off, but the second was the same.... Read more

Tesco Linwood

Complaint from on 15 April 2019 about Tesco in category Supermarkets

On Saturday 13th April my daughter kindly took me shopping as I am usually housebound. We decided to go to Tesco Linwood as we knew Asda would be mobbed. Anyway using their scooter I got into the grocery dept, I... Read more