Tesco complaint: Inappropriate Language and Faulty Product

Complaint from DMPR569 reported on 01 June 2023 about Tesco

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My complaint:

On my way back from a meeting near Middlebrook Park, Bolton to my home in Crawshawbooth, Rossendale, I stopped to buy petrol at approximately 18:50pm. I also bought a Wispa chocolate bar and two pints of milk.
First of all the man on the check out asked me if I really wanted a bar of chocolate, did I have permission, looked at me disapprovingly and told me it would go straight on my hips!
I don’t even know where to begin with how inappropriate this interaction was, whether he believed it to be a joke or not.
Secondly, when I arrived home, I poured the milk into my young daughters bottle, warmed it in the microwave and gave it to her to drink. As she drunk it, I made myself a cup of tea. When I poured the milk in, it just slopped out (photo attached). Unfortunately my daughter had already drunk about two thirds of her bottle….despite apparently thinking it tasted a bit cheesey (photo attached of the blob I found at the bottom of her cup)! She has literally just recovered from a sickness bug. I really hope the off milk doesn’t cause her to be ill again.
I can find absolutely no way of complaining to Tesco ANYWHERE at all! Any help would be greatly appreciated. The date on the milk is 7th June 2023. It is currently only the 1st June.
Many thanks

Suggested solution:

I would like, at least, a written apology, refund and grocery vouchers.

Tesco complaint Inappropriate Language and Faulty Product
Tesco complaint Inappropriate Language and Faulty Product
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