Tesco complaint: Security on duty for misconduct

Complaint from Chrispan reported on 29 May 2023 about Tesco

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My complaint:

To whom it may concern. I’m here by making an official complaint about the outrageous man on duty at branch near goodge street tube station London. I’ve been a regular customer of Tesco’s at this branch for more than a decade attending this shop during the weekdays Monday to Friday seldom weekends. An incident happened earlier this month of May at the above mentioned. I have a Brompton bicycle that folds up quite compactly small which I fold up when entering Tesco’s which has never been an issue with all other security staff there. It was a Saturday early afternoon an incident happened the security man by the name have of Mohair approached me abruptly and demanded I can’t take my bike in. I replied I’m folding it up which is accepted here. I added I always attend here and it hasn’t been an issue before. Is answer to me was Don’t Lie, I replied I beg your pardon which I found extremely rude. I said you’re being rude I’m regular here. He replied yeah right. I said I’d like to speak to the manager she happened to arrive. He then began lying to her saying I was rude. I had to interrupted with you’re the one who was rude he tried to turn it around. He went on to say it was against regulations. I did my shopping and left.

A week or two later I returned on a Saturday to the same branch and the same man approached me and said it’s against regulations. I replied it wasn’t as long as I fold it up, replied let’s not go through this again. He said have you not read it on the website? He pretended to go into it with his phone and find I told him I don’t believe him and for the last 10 years I’ve been coming here and finding my bike up and it’s never been an issue. I ask to speak to another manager. Who i know actually. I complained to this manager and told him the security man is making this up. The manager suggested he allows me and suggested to the Security man to keep an eye while I do my shopping and he refused. The manager left. I said I’m going to report this to head office. I asked his name and he said he was called Mohair. I told him my name was Mr pan. His answer back I’m going to ban you from all Tesco’s.

From the word go the security man behaved unprofessionally aggressively and inappropriate and had no right to refuse me entry. He needs to be disciplined and learn how to treat people. And he is abusing his position.

Suggested solution:

To discipline Security for misconduct.

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