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Statistics of Wagamama complaints in the category Restaurants

5 complaints last year
1.2 /10
5 ratings

Wagamama reviews:

Dozy servers

Complaint from on 31 March 2023 about Wagamama in category Restaurants

We went to wagamamas back in the day , staff were edgy, and engaging. I’ve just returned from your greenwich restaurant. Staff walking around miserable un engaging. The drinks sat on the bar 5 minutes before some one could be... Read more

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Accident while visiting Wagamama

Complaint from on 22 January 2023 about Wagamama in category Restaurants

Hello,I was visiting Wagamama in Brussels on 2101. When I was entering the restaurant, the entrance glass door shattered all over me. Apparently, there was a problem with the handle which was fixed short term and never the problem was... Read more

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problem with menager

Complaint from on 09 December 2022 about Wagamama in category Restaurants

hello, I would like to file a complaint against the manager, Przemyslaw Kniaz, who works for Wagamama Eldon Square Newcastle. This person poses a threat to other employees because often instead of staying in the kitchen he is somewhere outside... Read more

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Charged for food not received

Complaint from on 04 November 2022 about Wagamama in category Restaurants

We sat down for lunch at the airport and never received our £8 chilli squid. They said food would be served within 15min and after 30min it had not arrived. We asked the waitress for a refund and explained we... Read more

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