Wagamama complaint: Accident while visiting Wagamama

on 22 January 2023 about Wagamama in category Restaurants

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My complaint:


I was visiting Wagamama in Brussels on 2101.
When I was entering the restaurant, the entrance glass door shattered all over me.
Apparently, there was a problem with the handle which was fixed short term and never the problem was fully resolved. The handle was loose and when I pulled the opposite door it shattered and fell out of the hinges. The glass went over me, cutting my hands and leaving the glass on my clothing, in my hair and all over the restaurant floor. The working stuff was aware of the issue but there was no sign to be careful or avoid the door, nor it was marked.

I ended up with slight cuts and glass in my hair which I later had to go to the hospital emergency room to remove. The manager of the shift did nothing besides offering me a free coffee on the house and I feel like I received a poor customer service with no resolution.

I am asking for a full explanation and compensation financially and mentally. This is out of every health and safety protocol and the manager was not acting responsibility for this situation

Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible


Suggested solution:

Financial compensation as Health and safety protocol was not followed as well as it could end up in much worse scenario.

I experienced severe panick and shock at the moment of accident and it has left me trauma from all glass doors, especially Wagamama

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