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Statistics of Shaw Academy in the category Education

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Complaints overview

Request for a refund

Complaint from on 10 December 2020 about Shaw Academy in category Education

I was charged by Shaw Academy 199$ for the service that I couldn’t use because Shaw Academy has a major bug on my account that it couldn’t resolve. I addressed their billing department for a refund but they didn’t get... Read more

Debit unwillingly

Complaint from on 28 November 2020 about Shaw Academy in category Education

Good day. I applied for interior decoration class and I got to know I have to pay for materials but I was not financially capable so I didn’t bother to receive the lecture again . I received a debit... Read more

Refusing to refund me

Complaint from on 24 November 2020 about Shaw Academy in category Education

I did a cancellation online 15th of November, before the free trial ended on the 21st of November, but I did not phone the number that came up after the cancellation(as I honestly don't feel this should be my responsibility... Read more