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Our sentiment meter has identified a 200% increase in complaints about Trulieve over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This underscores potential challenges in customer experience. For informed decision-making, we strongly recommend reviewing the complaints before considering Trulieve's offerings.

Sentiment data last updated on December 3, 2023

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Trulieve reviews: (23)

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Manager not taking care of customers

Complaint from Micheal Parton on 23 November 2023 about Trulieve.

It was the night b4 thanksgiving. They was still about 5 to 6 people still in the store waiting for their orders . They was 3 lady’s left there and only 1 was helping a customer that had a $... Read more

Comments: 0

Didn’t honor flyer soecial

Complaint from Callahan.lorrie on 07 November 2023 about Trulieve.

I was treated extremely rudely when I asked for the fly a special and told they did not have itt and would not honor it . I asked to speak to management and was told that the person helping me... Read more

Comments: 0

Bad customer service

Complaint from Rudolph on 07 September 2023 about Trulieve.

My wife and I went to trueleave and we handed are cards to the gentleman in the front desk and he said to both of us witch one of us is a guest, now if we handed both arecards... Read more

Comments: 0

Inability to provide express service

Complaint from on 07 September 2023 about Trulieve.

Ordered pineapple flower, order filled checked in online for express to p/up. Arrived at 2:30 to find 7 people waiting ahead of me. Decided to return later, checked in online only to find that there was a 49 MINUTE WAIT... Read more

Comments: 0

Unfortunate Customer Service Experience

Complaint from Baxlash04 on 10 August 2023 about Trulieve.

Upon arriving at the store, I checked in and noticed that I was the only customer present. I patiently waited for approximately 7 minutes, expecting to be assisted shortly. However, to my surprise, another customer - a lady - walked... Read more

Comments: 0

Long wait times

Complaint from Andysrate on 23 June 2023 about Trulieve.

Waited several hours for a online pick up order. Only two people working. This place used to be my favorite. Now it's a joke. Only one manager seems to have much sense. Karen. Read more

Comments: 0

5 day delivery

Complaint from inertia40 on 25 May 2023 about Trulieve.

Instead of hiring and paying good people, Trulieve is simply awful at hiring and retaining employees! I ordered today and was given a 5-day delivery! if you go to the Edgewater store you wait hours! they have 10 to 12... Read more

Comments: 0

Wait for three hours

Complaint from on 16 May 2023 about Trulieve.

The music is too loud you can’t hear name being called. It took 3 hours to fill an order. Do not go here unless you want to be here all day. Terrible customer service. No online orders. The worst dispensary... Read more

Comments: 0

2 weeks for delivery not honor pricing

Complaint from Kathy Burgess on 26 April 2023 about Trulieve.

I ordered on 4-15. Order has been scheduled for delivery for almost 2 weeks.Still not delivered Trulieve says that they won't honor advertised price from when order was placed Read more

Comments: 0

Call in Orders

Complaint from Mcreas1 on 01 April 2023 about Trulieve.

This has been the fourth time I have placed an order online before the stores open and it is now 8:37 PM and I have yet to receive on text for pick up. When I questioned them about it, they... Read more

Comments: 0

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