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Blocked Argos customer services

Complaint from on 10 July 2020 about Argos in category Retail Company

I simply cannot make contact. Considerable time has been wasted attempting to make contact with Argos Customer Services by both phone and chat. When you call, all your order details are taken by automation, then you are told that we... Read more

Gents Bicycle

Complaint from on 30 April 2020 about Argos in category Retail Company

I ordered a gents bicycle from Argos a few weeks ago . It arrived at their outlet place with-in Sainsbury's last friday , where upon I arranged to have it collected . I got round to building the bicycle on wednesday... Read more


Complaint from on 30 November 2019 about Argos in category Retail Company

I bought present from argos. Arrange delivery for exactly day I need it but I didnt get it. So cancel it and buy in shop another one. Next day they bring it to me, my miss didnt knew and took... Read more