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Statistics of ManoMano in the category DIY Stores

8 complaints last year
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Complaints overview

privacy breach

Complaint from on 23 May 2022 about ManoMano in category DIY Stores

rattanfurniturechina Fimous GB ManomanoI have placed an order for a rattan set via manomano. Upon receipt everything was fine with the exception of a table base and one armchair.The table base had one of the resting... Read more

Unwanted goods

Complaint from on 17 May 2022 about ManoMano in category DIY Stores

Hello, I received unwanted goods as they arrived far too late and want to return them. The company is ignoring my request for a return address and a full refund even though Manomano’s returns policy clearly states that I am entitled... Read more

Missing item

Complaint from on 08 February 2022 about ManoMano in category DIY Stores

I called ManoMano over one week ago regarding a missing item. Only to be told working 48hrs it then let to a week as I was told to do many things by ManoMano and the sell Neshome aka Top discounts... Read more

Defaulting on agreed refund

Complaint from on 03 October 2021 about ManoMano in category DIY Stores

I ordered a table from manomano on Friday 13th Austist ! They sent a Damaged table so I was out £100 on someone assembling and dissembling the table anyway I agreed to take another table .the table took about two... Read more