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Complaint from on 12 April 2020 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I bought this product and read all instructions also done a,skin patch test...the pain it caused when applied to the area on photo was so painful I rinsed off after 2 mins and this product stayed 3 mins the stayed... Read more

Veet wax problem

Complaint from on 02 January 2020 about VEET in category Pharmacy

As I glued the wax band to the leg and pulled it out, the wax stuck to the leg, causing severe pain rather than pulling the hairs out. Hair removal was done correctly and in accordance with the instructions.... Read more

False advertising

Complaint from on 16 December 2019 about VEET in category Pharmacy

The Stripless Spawax is an absolute money grab - it was so expensive and I expected to see some actual results, but it was almost like trying to wax with a mix of bubblegum and slime.Very few hairs were actually... Read more

Burnt and allergy

Complaint from on 16 December 2019 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I used Veet around 1 week back on my pubic hair. After I applied I got a certain type of itching on which I removed the cream immediately. After the wash the area was completely reddish burnt and allergic. It’s... Read more