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Statistics of VEET in the category Pharmacy

25 total complaints
1.8 /10
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Complaints timeline

Burn on skin

Complaint from on 09 September 2020 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I used your product as directed on the pkg and also did a test run on a little section of my skin. When I applied it to my whole leg I had to remove b4 time was up because it... Read more

Terrible products

Complaint from on 06 September 2020 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I bought the veet silky fresh hair removal cream and also the veet face wax strips for sensitive skin and the result was terrible, not one of the products worked and the face wax strips have caused irritation to my... Read more

It didn’t remove any hair

Complaint from on 23 August 2020 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I spent $17 on this product hoping to remove hair in the bikini area. I’ve used about 10 strips and yet it didn’t work. There were not enough wipes to remove the wax and it was difficult to remove the... Read more

Got a marks

Complaint from on 12 July 2020 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I used veet strips on my hand , after using this strips I got marks on my hand , what the hell is this product and your product claims to give silky smooth skin Read more