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Skim rash

Complaint from on 24 April 2021 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I tried veet hair removal for the first time in February 2021 under my armpits my legs and bikini and used it as directed it was wiped off was very impress with the results but then immediately after i got... Read more

Burnt skin

Complaint from on 27 February 2021 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I used veet hair removal for first time. I did a patch test no reaction.I used it on my bikini line for 5 mins and rinsed off. It has taken layers of my skin off causing ozzing horrific burns. I... Read more


Complaint from on 16 February 2021 about VEET in category Pharmacy

Used veet today as per instructions 3 min used on my arms legs and other parts, and I look like a wart festival with the skin rash. I used the pink box veet Read more

Very bad burns

Complaint from on 02 January 2021 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I used the product veet to remove my pubic hair on 112021. The product reacted badly and has left me with sever chemical burns to my groin and testicles. I spent the evening of 112021 at AE as after a... Read more

Veet hair removal

Complaint from on 27 December 2020 about VEET in category Pharmacy

Dear all, Im contacting you regarding very unfortunate situation. I used recently one of your product that I purchased for hair removal. When i applied it on my hands after 2 minutes my skin started to hurt and itching. I washed... Read more

Skin Darkening

Complaint from on 12 December 2020 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I have been using Veet wax strips for past 4 years and I sis not have any issues. Since past few months I am noticing that my skin is getting darkened and the only thing I'm using is veet and... Read more


Complaint from on 09 November 2020 about VEET in category Pharmacy

I brought the veet face wax strips today. I did as what the instructions said but not only did they not even remove any hair on my chin but it has left me completely red raw on both side of... Read more