VEET complaint: I have Second degree burns after using a Veet

Complaint from Meg_369 reported on 02 August 2023 about VEET

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My complaint:

I purchased your Expert hair removal cream designed for tougher hair. This product is designed for FULL BIKINI. A full Bikini means all pubic hair is removed. It clearly says FULL BIKINI on your packaging. I followed the instructions and did a patch test. I did not react so went ahead with applying the treatment. I did not apply the cream anywhere on my labia or near the inside of my vagina. I applied it to the area with pubic hair. I left the product in for 2 minutes and after 1 minute 52 seconds, I was in excruciating pain. I washed it off immediately and saw that my skin was blistering and red. The following day the skin was dark and charred and I went to hospital and they told me I was suffering from second-degree burns. Ever since. The skin has since blistered and peeled away leaving 2 patches of raw skin. I am in bed and can barely walk from my bedroom to the toilet or sleep. I cannot go out or drive my car. The doctor has prescribed me codeine because the pain is so severe. I applied the cream on the 27th of July 2023 at 7 pm. The pain has not improved since that date.

Suggested solution:

I would like to know how Veet will compensate me for the suffering and pain I have endured after following the instructions and correctly using your product on a part of the body that states clearly on your packaging is safe to use. If you google full bikini there is a clear description of what that means and FULL BIKINI is written on the front of your packaging.

VEET complaint I have Second degree burns after using a Veet
VEET complaint I have Second degree burns after using a Veet
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