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wage disput

Complaint from on 02 February 2021 about PMP Recruitment in category Employment

I filled out a wage dispute form and passed to my line manager and asked him to pay me but the manager showed no concerns to deal with. As a result my overtime continued to be unsolve unpaid Read more

Not paid

Complaint from on 15 January 2021 about PMP Recruitment in category Employment

I was told I was no longer needed at amazon by pmp member over phone they said I would be paid 2 days money and I also filled in form so get paid for 3 days holiday and I sent... Read more

P45,holiday payment,

Complaint from on 27 November 2020 about PMP Recruitment in category Employment

Hello I don't receive my P45,money for holiday and payment for one night shift. There is no contact with my supervisor,simple she's not replay for emails, I have two little children at home today I suppose to receive payment but... Read more


Complaint from on 12 November 2020 about PMP Recruitment in category Employment

Hi I'm not very happy with this company my daughter applied for a job for amazon through this company and she got through to a Skype interview did everything they asked her she got up to a message yesterday to... Read more

No pay

Complaint from on 11 November 2019 about PMP Recruitment in category Employment

I've not been paid, my home has no heating as a result and I've no food, the mistake is their fault as I provided banm details and they processed it into the wrong account, I've had to find accommodation for... Read more