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While some customers may still be encountering a bad experience, our sentiment meter has detected a -50% decline in complaints about CoinField over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This indicates an uptick in customer satisfaction, and signals a positive shift in customer feedback.

Sentiment data last updated on December 4, 2023

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XRP and USD Witdrawal Error

Complaint from JeanB on 17 August 2023 about CoinField.

Last February 2023, I tried to withdraw my XRP but it was in authorizing status for 15 days before I submitted a ticket for them and got a reply that they were having technical difficulties. It took 4 months with... Read more

Comments: 1

Coinfield won't process cash withdrawal

Complaint from robertgadsby on 02 July 2023 about CoinField.

On Mar 23, 2023, I tried to withdraw close to $5000 in cash and to transfer about 1000 XRP to another wallet. Despite numerous emails, nothing has happened in over 3 months, just normal placating. Read more

Comments: 0

Withdraw issues and now sign in issues

Complaint from kelly s simpson on 22 June 2023 about CoinField.

Well I still haven't got the money from my last complaint and I sold more crypto and same thing happened they tell you there was technical difficulties and that your important and there working on it so now I have... Read more

Comments: 1

Holding of withdrawals and transfers

Complaint from kingapbt on 31 May 2023 about CoinField.

On April 28th, 2023, I cashed in and withrew abot 450 US dolaars. Not a lot of money. They still haven't relaesed my funds and tell me its a technical error to this day. I also transfered... Read more

Comments: 0

pure Scam similar to QuadrigaCx back in 2018

Complaint from wryb on 12 May 2022 about CoinField.

i send money via Etransfer, it took forever to access my funds... after I bought BTC and xrp that also took so much time after losing on fees etc.. I decide to send the coins to another wallet and since... Read more

Comments: 0

No support for over a month to access my account

Complaint from coMplain@skoda67 on 05 May 2021 about CoinField.

For almost a month I have tried every way including tweeting Bob Ras (coinfield CEO), Reza Bashash (CTO), System updates@coinField and @coinFieldEX. All of these AFTER going through the process of their Customer services. They gave me ' ticket numbers '... Read more

Comments: 1

didnt get the points and coins

Complaint from Russel on 14 June 2020 about CoinField.

hello coin master I did not get the coin that i raid and the points for joker event. I raid 25.5m and it is X5 i did not get it and the points in event Read more

Comments: 0

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