CoinField complaint: XRP and USD Witdrawal Error

Complaint from JeanB reported on 17 August 2023 about CoinField

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My complaint:

Last February 2023, I tried to withdraw my XRP but it was in authorizing status for 15 days before I submitted a ticket for them and got a reply that they were having technical difficulties. It took 4 months with the same reply from their side after every attempt to follow up on the issue. So my last resort was to cancel my withdrawal last June 2023. I sold my XRP in USD and then tried to withdraw using Skrill but the attempts always got rejected. After 7 business days, I tried to withdraw again using Skrill but every time I get to the ation part, it s me with Something went wrong over and over again. It wouldn’t even get through the ation using the email like before. I then submitted another ticket and did not hear from them since then. When I try to check my ticket on the support site, it says my account was suspended.

Suggested solution:

They should reach out and do everything they can to solve the issue and not just reason out that they're having technical difficulties. I need an actual resolution from them.

XRP and USD Witdrawal Error
XRP and USD Witdrawal Error
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N tusker
N tusker (@guest_7156)
6 months ago

I have an account with them too and they say to confirm the new terms and conditions but when I tick the box it freezes. When I tried to contact customer support my account is suspended…why?