zTrip complaint: Never showed up. Stuck

on 13 May 2023 about zTrip in category Transport

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My complaint:

Was leaving hotel after an extended stay. Called at 10am. At 10:27 am receive an automated ation call. At 11:15 received a call from a driver who ed my pickup address and said they were on their way to my location. At 11:30 received a call that they were 15 minutes away. After that no more calls and they never showed up. I tried to call the phone number of the driver back to find out what was wrong and i was blocked. I called z trip and had to order another cab. No one picked up the 2nd request and so i.am now stuck at Motel 6 at 1:30pm STILL trying to find transportation to my destination.

Ztrip can company SUCKS and should be investigated and BOYCOTTED!!!!

Suggested solution:

Should have sent a can to.pick me up.

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