zTrip complaint: Careless, aggressive driving

on 21 September 2022 about zTrip in category Transport

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My complaint:

Driving East on I70 coming off of Broadway Blvd. I merged into the far right lane. The Z trip car was merging but the merge lane had ended. He was about 2 inches from my car I could not move to the other lane as there was a car next to me. There were no cars behind me which he could of just merged behind me, but he chose not too. After he got behind me he gunned his car to pull up next to me and gave me the finger and was yelling. His driving was very aggressive and careless. I did not know if was going to pull out a gun as many times as he pulled next to me. It was very frighting.. I ignored him, he pulled in front of me and started to slow down al if he wanted me to rear end the car. I got in the lane next to me and he got in front of me again as you can see in the pictures I provided. This is when I took the pictures. He was harassing me on the highway for several miles.

Suggested solution:

That is up to the company. But I sure would not want that person to represent my company.

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