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on 10 September 2020 about Zoom in category Mobile App, Software

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Hello my name is James Schendel. I am a substitute teacher with Los Angeles unified school District. Right now I am working with another teacher as support for her distance-learning classroom. First let me explain the LA USD sometimes gives out technology especially during this Covid time to teachers but when I went to get a laptop there were no more laptops available so they gave me a large iPad instead. There were several advantages to the iPod. It’s very fast and it has a flash drive which means that they can access the hard drive instantly and also it has built-in Internet which means I don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi which can be spotty where I live but. I was surprised to find out that they were major differences between zoom on a laptop and zoom on an iPad. The one difference that makes my job difficult is that if the teacher or if I am screen sharing, I can no longer see the students I need to constantly be able to see the cams of the students to make sure that they are behaving and then I can call on students. So the problem is during screen sharing I can’t do that I can’t see any of the students all I can do is say well kids who can tell me about… But I cannot call on them or see how they are doing. This makes it very difficult to do my job because the teacher says to me Mr. Schendel well I am showing this lesson in math you need to make sure students are participating in paying attention and I have to tell her I can’t do that because during screen share I cannot see the students. I have no idea why this is happening and I hope that you can fix this issue

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I would say you need to update Zoom for iPad so that it allows for the host to see all the participants in the meeting during screen share. My email is - Please send me an email there thank you

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