Zaxbys complaint: Rude employees

Complaint from Kelsisusanne reported on 16 November 2023 about Zaxbys

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My complaint:

I came in around 9:15 to pick up a DoorDash order the lady with purple braids gives a nasty look and goes isn’t the lobby closed and everyone proceeds to make a big deal about me picking up an order in the lobby it’s not my fault if yall forgot to lock the door no need to be rude about it . On top of that I proceeded to wait 25-30 minutes for the order and more people continued to ask why I was in the lobby when I asked several times if I needed to leave . The employees sat on their phones while I waited on the order and god forbid I ask a question the woman with purple braids ignored me each time . Rude ass employees . If they were more focused on making the food and less on being rude and gossiping and talking shit they might actually be productive

Suggested solution:

I don’t want or need anything other than to just let yall know how unprofessional and rude your workers are I would be embarrassed if I ran this store .

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