Xfinity complaint: Electrical Power surge causing damage to my house.

on 16 September 2022 about Xfinity in category Internet Providers, TV Providers

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My complaint:

I Joseph Joblin, homeowner, asked for a technician to check my internet connections on
Tuesday 9-13-2022.
As he was in the back of the house where the electrical box was, and I was in the room where the router was. Then all of the sudden I hear humming buzzing sound coming from above me. Then the lights began to flicker, and I started smelling something burning. I went to check on the technician, and he quickly began telling me that he had not done anything. So, at the time he is in the back by the electrical box, an electrical short occurs. Later he shows me my ground wire, and how it is arching. I don’t know if he stepped on it, or if he had dropped or touched something metal on that ground the caused the electricity to go out and all the appliances. I tried to trouble shoot the problem by checking all the breakers, light switches etc. Still no electricity. I asked him to report to his supervisor to inform him of this incident. I also stated that I will be claiming damages. According to the CenterPoint Energy it’s going to cost to replace a line from the power connection to the house. They set-up a temporary line and this will need to be repaired asap because they will be coming back to retrieve this above ground cable, which is a hazard in itself for people and pets. The Technician witnessed the whole thing but continued to deny have any part of it. This is not a coincidence. Knowing or unknowing he did something. I would have rather he just admit he did something accidentally. His behaviors indicated that he was very nervous and worried. I am still without a garage door opener, and lightelectricity in my garage. Please assist me in resolving this issue. I do not want this to become a legal matter.

Suggested solution:

Pay for the repair of the damages! I have been a long-time customer and just recently on this same day transferred my cell phone business to Xfinity.

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