Complaint: Customer Service and Credit Note Usage

on 08 November 2020 about Wowcher in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

My mother is 70 years old and has been a customer of Wowcher for the last 10 years. Over the last few months, my mum has accrued several Wowcher credits as a result of exchanges, returns, or customer service issues. These have various expiry dates and my mum tries to ensure she spends the vouchers before their due date to ensure she does not lose any money.

For the last month, there has been an issue with the Wowcher website which causes the website to hang when the order submit button is pressed.

Wowcher is forcing customers to complain by WhatsApp and my mum and I have reached out to Wowcher at least 20-30 times to tell them there is an issue in purchasing deals using wowcher credit notes.
Their solution has been to clear caches, ensure the credit note box is checked, add credit card details, etc – which we have done 15-20 times. Each time the deal does not go through, we are forced to start a new WhatsApp chat – each customer representative comes at the issue new and we have to start explaining from the beginning, and getting the same troubleshooter answers. There is never any reference code and each interaction with WhatsApp takes a 48 hours chat window – with acknowledgment, to ask what the issues are, to investigate, to coming back. We repeatedly asked them to refer to the chat and before checking the resolution works they disappear and close out the issue with a feedback questionnaire. My mum has £108 in unused credits and we have both tried to make the purchases from each of our respective locations and obviously using different computers. I have asked to escalate and have been given an email address, and the emails have not been responded to. I have asked to be transferred to supervisors, I have tried every single thing to resolve this issue but if the company won’t help or make the purchases on our behalf (all they have to do is reduce the wowcher credit), then my hands are tied and I would like my monies back.
I would very much appreciate any assistance you can provide. This process is so stressful – the orders not going through taking 3 hours before they show an oops issue processing order type response and the thought of losing money during Covid is giving my mum anxiety. My mum and I have wasted what feels like days and we are at our wit’s end. Please help!

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Suggested solution:

Please could you help secure a refund of credit notes?
I have a WhatsApp chat that I can send you a proof of discussion which starts from 131020 to 51120, emails sent, screenshots, all of which show you the lengths we have gone to if you need further information

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