WoodSpring Suites complaint: Stranger was able to get a room key.

Complaint from Diana aka drtystar reported on 27 March 2024 about WoodSpring Suites

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My complaint:

I walked to a hotel and noticed someone was following me for almost a block. The person appeared to be a bit aggressive but seemingly harmless. Upon entering the hotel and paying for my room in cash, this individual observed that I had numerous bags and a bike. I intended to secure my bike and proceed to my room when this individual began following me closely, giving the impression they might reside or work at the hotel.

Later, while conversing with my friend in my room, this same person entered unannounced. My friend is currently not allowed on the property due to a misunderstanding involving her spouse and the hotel’s policies. Unexpectedly, the person who had been following me managed to acquire a key to my room. Concerned, I immediately inquired at the front desk how this individual obtained a key. The response from the clerk, who made an inappropriate remark about guests frequently losing their keys, left me astounded.

This situation escalated when the intruder, under the influence, made unacceptable demands from my friend, prompting us to threaten to call the authorities if he did not leave, which he eventually did. However, when reporting this to the hotel management, instead of receiving support, I encountered disbelief and rudeness, particularly aimed at removing my friend from my room, without addressing the security breach regarding the stranger with a key to my room.

Despite multiple attempts to resolve the issue and ensure the key was reclaimed and deactivated, the hotel’s management provided no reassurance or solution, choosing instead to focus on the presence of my friend rather than the significant security and safety concerns raised. The lack of response and accountability from the hotel management has left me feeling extremely unsafe and ignored, especially considering the potential danger posed by someone who had unauthorized access to my room.

The experience at this location has been incredibly distressing, not only due to the concerning behavior of an individual and the subsequent safety risk but also because of the dismissive and discriminatory attitudes encountered. It’s disheartening to feel so vulnerable in a place where safety and security should be paramount.

Suggested solution:

It could of been a lot worse someone being sexaully assaulted or killed.its only 10:21 pm I am afraid he is gonna return. So you tell me what your gonna do to resolve this horrific ordeal.
I\'ve been working on a project how homelessness in Georgetown has affected this community and the community how they treated homeless in this town . Journalists I have been sitting with them for the past 2 months I\'ve learned a lot about them . I was trying to take a break from it before I go back into my work get showered and get a good night\'s rest in a bed. That has turned out to be a nightmare and the Manger only concern was her smoke detector and kicking out my gf. Not at all about my safety.

WoodSpring Suites complaint Stranger was able to get a room key.
WoodSpring Suites complaint Stranger was able to get a room key.
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