Wise complaint: Waiting for a refund of 40000 CHF from Wise since 3 months

Complaint from Markus.E reported on 19 January 2024 about Wise

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My complaint:

For about 3 months (October 23rd, 2023) I have been waiting for a refund of 40,000 CHF from the company Wise (UK), which I transferred to Wise from my Turkish Akbank account in Istanbul on October 17th, 2023, so that Wise can transfer the 40,000 CHF to my CHF Wise account and deposit there. The deposit was made with SWIFT from my bank (Akbank) via Credit Suisse Switzerland (Mittelbank) to JPMorgan

On October 19th, 2023, Wise received the amount of 40,000 CHF, but apparently could not allocate the money to my account and on October 23rd, 2023, instructed their bank JP Morgan (Switzerland) to send the money back to my Akbank account via SWIFT.

Wise has sent me the SWIFT transfer and according to that the repayment was made with SWIFT via Credit Suisse and should have arrived in my account in Turkey. Unfortunately, the money has not arrived in my bank account as of today, January 19, 2024, and I have been in email communication with Wise for 1 1/2 months about the whereabouts of my 40,000 CHF. Wise refers to the SWIFT transaction from the partner bank JP Morgan and states that they have arranged the repayment, and that the money is no longer with Wise. The money was also forwarded by JP Morgan to Credit Suisse with the instruction to transfer the 40,000 CHF to my Akbank account. This means that the money would no longer be at the partner bank JP Morgan.

Since I and my bank in Turkey never received the money, and my Akbank as the recipient bank cannot place a tracking/search order for the 40,000 CHF, I sent Wise several emails asking and instructing them to inform their partner bank JP Morgan to do the tracking and to contact Credit Suisse in writing to clarify where my money has gone. For reasons I don’t understand, this was never done correctly or completely, or was not passed on correctly or completely by Wise to JP Morgan, and to this day I still have no knowledge of the whereabouts of my money and where it is currently located and why it was never given to me was transferred.
So this situation shows clearly, that Wise does not care about customers money (CHF 40000) and refunds and shows not the necessary dedication to help and support the customers to receive their money back in a timely manner. But they delay customers with several email correspondences, which does not solve the problem at all. They financial teams of Wise do not do their job and correspond with their partner bank JP Morgan to track/search money and refunds, if the customer does not receive his refund.
So at the end, Wise has Lost my refund and has no clue, about the whereabouts of my 40000 CHF and of course Wise also does not care about all the financial loses i have (Interests, etc. ) for the last 3 months. So i can just advise everybody, not to use Wise services at all but avoid them.

Suggested solution:

Wise should trace the whereabouts of my 40000 CHF and transfer it within 1 week to my Akbank Account in Turkey.

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