Whataburger complaint: Unprofessionalism

on 14 July 2022 about Whataburger in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I visited this location on July 11, 2022 at 11:12 a.,. My Order number was 121981, Customer 31. When I entered the store there was only one elderly gentleman who had previously ordered. We both stood there an additional five minutes before anyone, even though there were numerous employees walking around and chattig, even offered to assist. During that wait which was an additional five minutes, the employees were discussing loud enough for customers to hear their conversation. One male, with large breasts and another female were discussing her views on being a lesbian. I stepped forward after the conversation continued and informed the cashier that they needed to know their conversation was not professional. After he finished his transaction, he stepped back and informed the young lady of my complaint. She loudly proclaimed What? She said what? What do she mean? She turned around and looked at me and mumbled something. We as residents of DeSoto are so tired of receiving substandard service from individuals working istablishment in our area. This did not shed a good light. I myself am an African American, so it has nothing to do with color, but the way in which this particular location carried itself. We can see our people perishing for a lack of knowledge, and does not appear to want to accept non-combative critism. Perhaps training on how to perform and act in services that are offered to the public would be beneficial.

Kathy J.

Suggested solution:

Professional training and people skills are most definitely needed. Surprise visits or even uncover visits to observe.

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