Wendys complaint: Ghost pepper cheese not asked for

Complaint from 73vwbusguy reported on 20 February 2024 about Wendys

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My complaint:

Wendy’s 2929 ferndale rd Elkhart, IN.
Thank you for putting ghost pepper cheese on 2 of my breakfast baconators we did not ask for my 2 year old daughter took a bite of it first and only cried for a few hours. Also thank you for having an awful manager who said that was impossible and I was lying. I asked if they could check the bag so no one else would have to deal with this and was told all cheese comes in clear unlabeled bags and their has never been anything dealing with ghost peppers in that building. I was told if I don’t like it don’t eat Wendy’s.

Suggested solution:

I do not want coupons I am never eating at a Wendy’s again. I want a settlement and the manager and cook terminated

Wendys complaint Ghost pepper cheese not asked for
Wendys complaint Ghost pepper cheese not asked for
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