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on 19 April 2021 about in category Interior shops

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My complaint:

I ordered a sofa, the Jan sofa, now being sold under a new name of the Selby sofa in the colour brown. This order was placed on the 18th of January 2021.The delivery time when I ordered stated 8 – 10 weeks. This meaning the latest delivery date being the 29th of March keeping in line with the time schedule in which I purchased it under. Straight away I was advised of an expected delivery date of 8th of March 2021.

On the 6th of March the delivery date was still expected 2 days later to come on the 8th, as I had checked with your staff via the online chat service. I sold my sofa due to expecting the new one 2 days later. The day before the delivery you then told me that the delivery date had changed and was expected on the 29th of March. This was not good enough as I already sold my sofa and you must have known prior to this date of the expected delay. Your online chat staff were also shocked that I was not made aware of the delay prior to me being told.

I was met with several excuses along the way, Brexit, Covid and manufacturing issues as well as the colour of the sofa was hard to source etc. All these excuses and lies were told to me.

Upon reaching the 29th of March, again I am told there is yet another delay, and it would be delivered by the 8th of April.
On the 8th of April you tell me via the online chat service that my sofa has been dispatched, and tracking information would be updated within 48 hours. I query this on the 12th of April as no tracking information has been updated and then I am told by staff that in fact the sofa did not leave the manufacturers and it had never been dispatched at all. Another lie, and a pattern repeating over and over here.

I make yet another complaint to be told that there are delays. Yes, I understand that as my sofa has been delayed 4 times now. I still do not have it. My issues are with the way in which the delays were communicated. If you had actually told me about the initial delay when you knew about it, and not 2 days before expected delivery I would not have sold my old sofa. As I result, I have had no sofa now for 5 weeks.

I asked for a refund and was denied it twice. Irene Delaney EU Complaints Advisor advised I could only have a refund once the item was sent to me. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

I have been told lie after lie. I would have had far more respect for Wayfair as a Company had I been advised from the start of the possibility of delays, rather than the constant excuses I have been given.

My contract is with you, not the manufacturer, so to keep using your manufacture as an excuse for your poor service and poor customer service is not relevant to me at all.

I purchased the sofa for £1129.99. You now have this sofa, now the Selby sofa, previously known as the Jan sofa, as you told me it changed name for £929.99.The very least you could do for me is refund me the £200.00 difference given that I have not received my order still after 13 weeks. The deadline given to me was 8 – 10 weeks at the start.

I hope this can be resolved with the best conclusion for all involved without having to take things even further. I would be grateful of an acknowledgement and a response from you within 7 days if possible. I really hope you can help and give the partial refund I am deserving of, as I still want my sofa to arrive.

Order 3504613144

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Refund me £200.00 difference between the price you are selling for now and the price i paid for the sofa. A 7 week delay is not acceptable. I ordered on basis of 8- 10 weeks. It is already 6 weeks passed this date

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