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Complaint from on 20 June 2022 about in category Interior shops

Complaint Reference: Order Details: 3767008314Re: Complaint relating to the ‘Delivery of items’ and “Fitting of same items” The purpose of my letter, relates to a complete disruption of my daughter’s ability to carry out her day-to-day educational tasks. I would like... Read more


Complaint from on 08 June 2022 about in category Interior shops

I ordered a door from Wayfair on the 29th of May,delivery was to be 31st May.Ireceived an email on the 30th of May at 8.50pm giving me a 2hr time slot for delivery the following day.I received another email 2hrs... Read more


Complaint from on 24 February 2022 about in category Interior shops

I PURCHASED A SMALL DESK,WAYFAIR ID. 3714739179 ON THE 16.02.2022 AMOUNT £ 115.99 the upright wood panel ,left hand side of 3 drawer,below desk top had a severly damaged hole. as a consequence i have had to contact a man fromTASKRABBIT who had a... Read more