Complaint: Tired of being singled out and treated like a low life criminal !!!

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This has been an ongoing problem for me at the Rohnert Park Walmart on Redwood Dr. I have been having issues with one employee
who’s name is Gracie. She is normally working the evening shift in customer service. I have never done anything to disrespect this woman and yet she is extremely rude and disrespectful to the point where the last time I interacted with her she had me running to the stores restroom in tears!!! From the bathroom stall I called Walmarts customer service headquarters to advise them of what’s been going on. I was assured that the matter would be taken care of and that somebody would get back to me to give me an update…it’s been over a month already and I have no clue whether or not any action has taken place…nobody ever got back to me to let me know what happened. I am VERY disappointed in all of this! I used to love to do all my household shopping at this Walmart and now I refuse to set a foot in side that door!!!

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I feel that Gracie should get a write up for the 6-7 times she treated me poorly and I also feel to show sincerity to my situation I should be given some type of compensation... Maybe a gift card or significant discounts on merchandise.

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